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Everything that we do is guided by two fundamental principles:
It Starts in the Jewellery & It Starts with the People.

family businessThe beginnings

Venus Saatchi Co. as a subsidiary of Saatchi Mozaffarian Co., is based on the experience of almost a half-century in the manufacture and sale of jewellery power with its designs following the latest technology and trends.

Venus Saatchi is the new face of a family owned and operated jewelry company that have continued into their 5th generation. Since she was a child, Venus was surrounded by jewellery growing up in her family’s jewellery business, Diamond Design Jewelers. she continued to work for her family’s jewellery business, specializing in custom design Gemstone jewelry, sales, styling consultation, appraisal work, and marketing.


It's ok to be more obsessed with jewellery. Venus Saatchi

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