Blue Topaz

If you want to deal with people at work or to get a job which requires self-expression, try wearing Blue Topaz.
The meaning of Blue Topaz also includes a guide for its owner. If you cannot choose a right direction in life or need hopes, Blue Topaz can help you. The gemstone can embody your wishes or dreams and lead you to a right decision.
If you are seeking the purpose of life, choose Blue Topaz. The gemstone can support you to live a meaningful life. Once you find goals in your life, the gemstone can help you to express yourself. Blue Topaz can strengthen your mentality and enrich your life.

The use of Blue Topaz bracelets is recommended for those born in the following months:
November, December and February

$ 4,820.00 $ 4,620.00


12.79 grams Blue Topaz

Diamond (Size: -6 1/2)

0.78 grams

Diamond (Size: -2)

0.23 grams


18.03 grams


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Healing Properties of Blue Topaz

Topaz acts as a magnifier, helping you manifest what you focus on.
Topaz is also the anniversary stone for the fourth, nineteenth, and twenty third years of marriage.
It is used to develop good communication and to express yourself clearly. The power of Blue Topaz also includes a writing skill.
If you are not accustomed to public speaking, try wearing Blue Topaz.

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