The meaning of Citrine is abundance. This gemstone has been believed to enrich and to develop your life. Citrine is believed to heal your negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. This gemstone is full of positive benefits and changes your energy into positive one. Citrine also helps you to release your stress. It is recommended for those who tend to have negative emotions. This gemstone can change the negative energies into positive ones. If you want to enrich your life, try wearing Citrine.

The use of Citrine bracelets is recommended for those born in the following months:
June, August, September and November

$ 4,520.00 $ 4,444.00


9.47 grams Citrine

Diamond (Size: -6 1/2)

0.71 grams

Diamond (Size: -2)

0.21 grams


18.04 grams


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Healing Properties of Citrine

To manifest your dreams, you first need to know what they are. By activating both your imagination and your will, citrine helps you clearly envision what you want, and then gives you the persistence to see it through.

Citrine specsHelps With

Psychic Awareness,Insight wisdom,Self-Discipline Focus

Citrine specsAffirmation

My mind is a channel for the wisdom of spirit.

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