Onyx is good for grounding and focusing your attention, and for working through difficult emotional and physical problems. As a self-care aid, it can help you take charge of your own health, wellness and overall well-being.
The use of Onyx bracelets is recommended for those born in the following months:
August, December, January and February

$ 4,400.00 $ 4,224.00


9.27 grams Onyx

Diamond (Size: -6 1/2)

0.76 grams

Diamond (Size: -2)

0.23 grams


17.12 grams


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Healing Properties of Onyx

Onyx focuses and directs your energy toward your goals, helping you stay the course. It can help you rebuild your vitality after prolonged illness or period of depletion, and is useful for work that requires disciplined focus and perseverance.

Onyx specsHelps With

Staying Focused on Your Goals, Physical Vitality, Discipline, Persistence

Onyx specsAffirmation

I am Focused and determined to accomplish my goals.