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Venus Saatchi Co. as a subsidiary of Saatchi Mozaffarian Co., is based on the experience of almost a half-century in the manufacture and sale of jewellery power with its designs following the latest technology and trends.

luxury is forEveryone

We believe luxury is something everyone can enjoy. It makes life a little sweeter. No pretenses here. Only the good stuff.

expect the bestQuality

Our stones and diamonds at its finest. All diamonds quality is F+, VS+.

2020Full Diamond

A beautiful example of a modern bracelet made from diamonds and gold.


18K Gold, F+ Diamonds and high quality leather.


With both of casual and formal dresses. It is a best choice for perople borned in April, August, October, January and March.

To purchase this luxury beautiful bracelet directly please email or call us.

VS stands for
great look, great love and great values. Venus Saatchi

our familyStory

Venus Saatchi is the new face of a family owned and operated jewelry company that have continued into their 5th generation.

trends andDesigning

professional design based on the impact of gemstones on humans

our rangesDiscover our products

8 Varietals
48 bracelets produced
12 Countries sent

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